Rotary Membership Action Plan (MAP) - Web Platform

Full end-to-end product solution for Rotary International. Includes UX/UI design, development, and product development strategies.

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Project Length

Rotary International


6 Months

Client Challenge

Our client came to us with a unique problem set - here's what we tackled:

Rotary Zones 33 and 34 (Client) were looking for ways to streamline their membership action planning & conduct Rotary surveys. This pilot project was built to demonstrate the value of specifically-tailored membership data to assist Rotary Districts and Clubs in understanding their membership growth challenges, leading to consistent, moderate growth of Rotary clubs and Districts. The platform's purpose is to provide meaningful, comprehensible reports to Rotary leaders at the Club, District and Zone level. The challenge was to extract available reports from the Rotary International membership database (Rotary Club Central), then reconcile known, built-in disparities in data between those available reports. With that accomplished, these reports also provide forward-looking data and forecasting to users.

Project Media

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Our Approach

Here's what our work provided for our prospective client:

Our Goals:

Fully operational web application, up and running on AWS.

Maintenance/Administration Training
Deployed to server infrastructure of choice (AWS)
Access to and ownership of source code and documentation
First-year support and modifications as necessary to achieve the specified

Our Impact

Here's what our work provided for our prospective client:

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