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Christopher and his team at UX Brite are superb. It is very rare for developers to be both skilled and personable. They keep it simple, and in layman’s terms with our developers making software a breeze.
Daniel Weberman
CEO, CompleteHome
Impressive work! Super fast turnaround too. Their team are great communicators, asked the right questions, and delivered the product as well.
Moe Valief
CTO of Adviv, Inc
Our project was a complex, multi-vendor platform that required innovative design and functionality. UX Brite took the time to adequately understand the project then accurately scoped out the requirements. They excel at Project Management. The team delivered a solid product on schedule and within budget.
Thomas Nimmo
CEO of Cyberfense Security
It truly was amazing, they truly brought our concept to life. Not sure how to ever thank them!
James Hasty
CEO of Audittech, Inc
Chris and his project management skills helped me lead my software team forward, get a better understanding of future IT candidates, and helped get my project back on track!
Angie Henao
Co-founder & COO, Waterpin
They really took the time to understand requirements and took the time to go over the finished product. I plan on hiring them again and would recommend big-time. Thanks!
Daniel C.
Co-founder of VAST Ticketing
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Why Choose UX Brite?

Crafting User-Centric Products with Precision and Passion

As a customer-centric product firm, we can drive high value growth through the power of minimum lovable products (MLPs), and help your organization meet it's objectives.

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On Demand Software Development

Solve complex challenges for your venture with half the cost of internal resources with on-demand tech teams with diverse expertise.

Go To Market Strategy

A fresh pair of eyes might be exactly what you need to make the right decisions.

Create User Experiences That Drives Revenue

Your project needs a creative touch, identity, and unique experiences to achieve your business goals.

Innovative Product Development

We'll assist with your product roadmaps, go to market strategy, user acquisitions, conducting user surveys & interviewing & much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers! Checkout frequently asked questions by our previous patrons.

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If I have an idea, will you help me develop and launch it?

Absolutely! We can assist with implementing from your designs or starting completely from scratch.

We already have a product and need to update it. Can you help?

You bet! We work with software products of all types.

Do I need to be tech savy to work with you all?

Not at all! In fact, we pride ourselves on working with business owners and other non tech people to make tech SIMPLE.

Why focus on UX?

User experience (UX) lies at the center of most products and services. We believe having a solid UX, and customer journeys is what separate good products from great ones.

Do you build mobile apps as well?

We typically specialize in web-based platforms, so while we don't focus on mobile apps, we can connect you with one of our trusted tech partners to achieve your mobile objectives.

How much will my project cost?

We can provide a accurate cost from start to product delivery if scope, size, and requirements of the project are well defined.

Why choose Relay and not hire my own development team?

Hiring software devs is a smart choice - however, recruitment is time consuming and upkeeping in house software developers can be costly. You can save time and money by going with a pre-vetted team specialized to your needs.

How do you guarantee product quality?

We evaluate our product progress every two weeks, (we conduct acceptance and developer testing). We also make this process as transparent as possible to give insight into product performance.

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